Hitachi Washing Machine Repair Service Center

Hitachi Washing Machine Repair Service Center


When Hitachi entered India’s home appliances market, nobody expected it to be so popular. Today, the brand has become a household name and there are so many people using their appliances. Their washing machines are also very popular and known for their great performance. If you are using it, the best Hitachi washing machine repair service center for you is Shop to Repair.


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We are the market leaders when it comes to repairing electronic home appliances. We work with a team of well qualified and extensively experienced professionals who are masters at their work. They help us maintain a 100 per cent consistency rate when it comes to delivering lasting repair solutions. Such a rate of reliable solutions has made us number one in our industry.


Besides being trustworthy, we are also the most affordable services in town. You can compare our rates with any of the reputed repair services.


Quick turnaround time is another criterion where we have come out with flying colors. Our response time to a complaint or a problem communicated by our customer care department is attended within two hours. A technician is set to your doorstep to take care of the issue. In case the appliance is taken to the service center, it is returned within two days, repaired and ready to help you manage your chores.


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