Electrolux Fridge Repair Service Center

Electrolux Fridge Repair Service Center


Electrolux might not be a very visible brand today, but its refrigerators are still seen around. The declining brand presence has resulted in lesser number of dedicated repair centres. Shop to Repair, however, is still there as a trustworthy Electrolux fridge repair service centre.


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In fact, we continue to be the most trusted fridge repair centre for over 10 years for most leading brands of refrigerators. We enjoy the reputation of being a leader in the repair market and strive hard to stay where we are.

Shop to Repair is a team of extremely professional managers, technicians and engineers. All teams work together to ensure best results and a smooth experience for all customers. The core repair team is a set of experienced professionals who have dealt with a variety of brands, models and technologies. They excel at their work and play a key role in Shop to Repair’s status of delivering lasting solutions each time.


With great solutions we also offer best prices in the market. The idea is to make repair services so affordable that you do not think twice for getting even the smallest problems checked immediately. After all, good products need good care.


If you have any query about our team, services, prices or anything else, you can connect with us via email, get in touch with us on phone or come to our service centre anytime. The website gives all details about everything or alternatively you can contact the customer care executives who will be happy to help you.


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