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Of course there are many repair centers in a big city like Delhi, but when it comes to reliable centers, finding one is not easy. A few, however, have found their stop for dependable repair services – Shop to Repair. The decade old reputed brand enjoys the reputation of helping thousands of people get their electrical appliance brands fixed. If you notice a trouble in your fridge, washing machine, microwave oven, dishwasher, laptop, air conditioner or any other appliance, give us a call and we will be there to help you in just a few hours.


Shop to Repair Phone


Your calls will be directed to our customer care center, where we will make a note of the problem and send a skilled technician to have a look at the faulty appliance. Alternatively you can come to our help center to register a complaint in person. Depending upon the issues detected our technician will brief you about the problem and also give a rough idea of the kind of costs involved in fixing it. Mutually deciding the further course of action, the appliance will either be fixed at your home, or taken to the service center. Maximum problems, of course depending of its nature and expected time to repair, can be solved at your doorstep. Only when the repair process is supposed to take longer, the appliance is taken to the service center.


In case the appliance taken to the service center, all transportation costs will be borne by us. In case you are currently facing any trouble in any of the appliances, reach out to us at our help center or give us a call now.

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